Samsung Galaxy Beam

One of our favorite words around the office is “Samsunged”. And once again, the mobile phone market has been Samsugned. Oh, your shiny new phone has a whopping 5 inch screen? Cute. The Samsung Galaxy Beam has a 50-inch screen. Not a typo. In addition to the relatively standard 1Ghz Dual-core processor, 8GB memory, and 5 megapixel camera, its standard 4 inch screen is supplemented by a 15 lumen PROJECTOR. Yes, our theater projector has closer to 2,000 Lumens, but doesn’t fit well in a pocket. Nor does it make phone calls. So in balance, having lower light output is a fair trade for a portable, battery-powered projector, which oh-by-the-way also happens to do everything that can be done on an Android phone. We have a few Android phones around the office, and have found fairly little that we can’t do with them, other than play movies on a 50-inch wall.

Niche: Filled. Sure, you wouldn’t use the projector all the time, nor probably even every day. But the cool factor is an 11, and the flash mobs packed with these are going to be amazing.

It’s expected to be in stores summer of 2012.