Samsung Wi-Fi Washer and Dryer

A couple years ago, one of our office staff stayed up all night in front of a Sears for a Black Friday sale.  He got a screaming deal on a washer and dryer.  Of course, he just saw these and now he wants a refund.

Samsung, who has been rockin’ it in the tech world lately, has launched a Wi-Fi connected washer and dryer.  Why would you want a Wi-Fi connected laundry system?  WHY NOT!  Let’s start with the basics.  They are a high end front load washer and dryer with all the bells and whistles.  Capacity is huge, with the ability to wash over 30 bath towels in one go (seriously though, who uses 30 bath towels in a week…)  But that is where the similarities with other washers and dryers end.

With the Wi-Fi connection, you can control the machine from anywhere in the house via your smartphone using their Smart Control technology.  Change the wash cycle, start the load, or just monitor the time span of each function.  You know, because walking to the laundry room is just too difficult.

Other features include the Power Foam and the Water Shot Technology. The Power Foam technology uses the detergent in the machine to infuse it into the air of the washing drum, thus enabling through cleansing, of even the most delicate of clothing fibers. Water Shot Technology on the other hand, is an automated system which saves around 25 percent of the water as compared to other machines in the industry. Means energy and resources are saved, along with greater care for clothing.

Basically, if you are a nerd who doesn’t send your laundry out to a service, you need these!

Available soon from Samsung –