Securifi Almond Touch Screen Wireless Router

Everything has a touch screen in it now days – so why not your router? The Securifi Almond has an integrated 2.8″, 320 x 240 screen, which can walk users through setting up and maintaining a network all on its own.  No more web interface, no browser compatibility issues.


  • Quick setup – just connect your Cable/DSL modem and follow the on screen instructions
  • 300Mbps using 802.11n MIMO tech
  • Pre-configured security
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 Security
  • 100+ Meter range
  • 384MHz, MIPS Architecture
  • 1 WAN, 2 LAN ports

At only $70, it’s a great price.  A few minuses are no dual-band, so it won’t support 5Ghz and it only has two LAN ports.  But for 95% of wireless users, that won’t be an issue.

Bottom line?  We’ll be getting one to play with it.

Release is March 2012.