Serene Audio Speakers

Normally when our speakers look like this, it’s after a 24 hour coding session while listening to some serious metal – either that or we left them in the microwave again (don’t ask…).  In this case, they are SUPPOSED to look a little odd.

At Serene Audio, they are passionate about music. Attention is paid to all the minute details of both aesthetic and acoustic qualities of our speakers. Each design goes though myriad cycles of scientific measurement, fine tuning by ear, and aesthetic refinement to achieve perfection. The results are pieces of art to be admired by both eyes and ears.

Serene speakers are available in three different models, the Pebble, the Talisman and the Paisley.  Each of the three models is available in an active speaker for computer or MP3 player and passive for home theater and bookshelf use.

With respect for the environment, they have diligently sourced non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials for use in the products, without compromising build quality. They then paired it with a superb full-range driver – a rare gem in speakers of this category.

Bottom line is they are beautiful and sound amazing!  Not a bad price point either! ($350 a pair).

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