Shaun Of The Dead Winchester Bar LEGO Set

Zombies, bars AND LEGO?  Awesome. This is a prototype of the Winchester Bar by LEGOmaniacs Pixel Fox and Yatkuu.  Complete with all your favorite cast from Shaun of the Dead (as well as a few of your not so favorites), it does a creepy good job of showing off the Winchester.

This is a fully modular house with a detailed interior on every floor. As with any other LEGO modular, the floors can each be removed to allow an easy access and playability. The third floor features a bedroom and a complete bathroom; on the second floor there is a kitchen and a dining room, and on the ground floor is  the tavern that has been slightly modified to accommodate the staircase to the upper floors. The build now also has a back door.  It’s real easy to use your LEGO people to reenact the “Kill the Queen!” on the main floor of the Winchester.  How’s THAT for a slice of fried gold!?

Do you think LEGO should build it?  Well, they say they will if they get 10,000 people supporting the project.  So head over to the CUUSOO page and show your support.  We already did.