Spider Computer

The cloud is coming – the cloud is coming! Oh yea, it’s already here. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, cloud computing is here to stay, which means that the hardware we use will also go through a radical change.  Perhaps sometime in the future we will be carrying around something like the Spider.

The Spider’s three legs can easily be folded out, allowing it to be placed on a flat surface. The mirror head opens, and the projection is directed towards the table surface or a wall. Digital correction compensates for angular differences in projection versus surface. Working prototype was made for technology, user studies and research. When legs are folded into the body, it becomes a mobile device, used as a phone, for messages etc. Circular LCD display with graphic interface. It can be carried in your pocket and brought anywhere.

Cool concept yes – are we excited to have something like this replace the 4 monitors and massive heat generating tower in our offices now?  Probably not.  But hey – if you would have told us 10 years ago we would be carrying flat screen touch computers in our pockets, we would have called you a witch!

Well played Spider, well played.