SpyHawk Hubsan FPV R/C Helicopter

We love flying R/C gadgets at our office.  Many meetings around here are held in the large room with something crashing into someone’s crotch flying around.  Last year, when we featured the SpyHawk FPV plane, we wanted one.  Now that SpyHawk has a FPV (First Person View) helicopter, we want their stuff even more!

The Hubsan is not only a great flyer, but it features a 5-megapixel camera that shoots live video directly to a color 3.5″ LCD monitor on the transmitter, so you see what the helicopter sees. With features like rugged alloy construction, including a CNC-machined fixed-pitch rotor head, it can survive some of the more “creative” landings you can come up with.. The flight controls can be programmed via the transmitter for beginner or expert flyers, making the Hubasn a good choice for all types of pilots.

You can order it as the modern looking “Invader”, or the military inspired “Lynx”.  Both are available as coaxial or single rotor helicopters.

So start being the creepy guy on the block who flies over peoples backyards today!  Get it from www.spyhawkfpv.com