StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

We need about 1000 of these.  The concept is easy, the execution is awesome!  Just attached this coin sized sticker with a low-powered Bluetooth chip in it to whatever you want, and track it.

The StickNFind works a few different ways.

  • Locate – press the button on your app, and it will flash and make noise.
  • Hot or Cold – a radar-like display shows if you are getting closer or farther from the tag.
  • Find it – you get a notification when a tag comes into range.  Perfect for letting you know when a vehicle is back, or alerting you when your luggage comes out on the baggage carrousel, etc.
  • Virtual Leash – the opposed of Find It.  You get a notice when something leaves your range.  Wallet, keys, pets, kids – whatever!

Currently under development at IndieGogo, a starting set of 2 will run you $35, where $90 will get you a sheet of 6.

Hopefully available March 2013.  Support it now at