Swann MP3 Doorbell

Time to upgrade your doorbell to the 21 century.  The Swann doorbell is wireless, which makes it easy to install.  But where it really stands out is it’s tones – it plays MP3s & Polyphonic tones, so you decide what you hear when the Girl Scouts come peddling their cookies.

The MP3 DJ Doorbell is super-easy to install. It has two main components: a doorbell unit, backed with double sided tape for easy mounting in your doorway and a speaker unit for mounting inside in your living area, kitchen, hallway etc with screws in the pack. You can position the two units up to 330ft/100m away from one another as they operate completely wirelessly.

Store your favorite songs by adding an SD card from 2GB (holds approximately 600 songs) or expand up to a 32GB card (stores up to 10,000 songs) for a wider variety of music. The speaker unit can connect to a computer via the USB port using the included USB cable. It doubles as a USB mass storage device, much like a thumb drive, allowing you to copy music on or off the SD card without a dedicated card reader. The software supplied allows you to edit your favorite songs as well as set the doorbell to play any part of the song when pressed.  The software also allows you to edit the sound files so you decide EXACTLY what you want to hear.

Order it from www.swann.com



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