The Bottle Wrench

Congratulations – your testosterone levels just increased. Tired of using your wife’s little wine opener to crack open a cold one after a hard day of work? So were the guys at The Bottle Wrench.  What did they do about it? They grabbed a wrench (a REAL wrench, no some mamby-pamby plastic replica wrench shaped crap) used power tools to cut it, and they came up with this.  The result?  A tough, strong, manly bottle opener.

Available in one color – manly metal.  Available in one material – manly metal.  See a theme here?  There is one option you get to decide on, however.  What color rip-cord you want tied onto it as a handle.  We bet that pink isn’t even an option…

Ready to man up and get one?  Just $10 – your manhood must be worth at least that.