USB Power Strip


Ever been to an IT conference?  It goes like this. It’s a double room, but it’s clear at least six people are crashing there. There’s copper-colored goggles, rolled up maps, a tackle box full of tiny people, a jubilee of wet erase markers, pencil shavings all over the floor, a hand-scrawled sign that says FREE HUGS, and… is that a mascot costume? Oh dear.

The USB Power Strip has an honored spot on our bedside table, where it charges our phone, tablet, and mp3 player simultaneously. It only moves from this spot when we travel and it’s made us the hero of a few conventions. Four geeks can charge our phones from the same outlet? That is an ultimate win, especially if you convince your roommates that they can thank you by paying for you at the breakfast buffet.

Product Specifications

  • Power strip connects only USB devices, and to your computer
  • Four ports so it can connect all your gadgets, or you and three friends
  • Small enough to easily slip into your laptop bag
  • Great for travel: be the hero of your hotel room
  • Dimensions: 1.1″ x 4.4″ x 0.75″
  • 3 foot long USB cable

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