Wibit Sports Park 60

Everyone neighborhood has one of those families that has to have the biggest and baddest of everything.  If you can’t think of who it is in your neighborhood, it’s you! If you live on a lake or have an Olympic sized swimming pool in your back yard, then this is definitely the toy to help keep you on top on the “stuff” pile.

The Sports Park 60 is the ultimate playground on water. Play tag, race your friends or climb up the Action Tower. The Sports Park 60 will change the way people play on the water. Up to 60 people of all ages will be entertained with an unforgettable experience and will want to come back many times over.

You will, however, need a VERY large area for this – the dimensions are 132ft x 105ft.  It takes the 7 included air pumps 3 hours to inflate it.  But here is everything you get:

  • 1 x Oval
  • 1 x Long Jump
  • 1 x Podium
  • 3 x Balance Beam
  • 1 x High Jump
  • 1 x Base
  • 1 x Bridge
  • 1 x Cliff
  • 1 x Slide
  • 4 x Pond
  • 2 x SideKick
  • 2 x Trampolin
  • 1 x Swing
  • 1 x Curve
  • 1 x Deck
  • 2 x Ramp
  • 4 x Junction
  • 1 x ActionTower
  • 1 x Flip
  • 18 x Buoys

So if you have to have the best of everything, this is summer water toy for you.

Get it from www.wibitsports.com