WTF Button

Sometimes that Easy button just doesn’t cut it. Just press the large, red, Button and receive 1 of 10 rage-conducive “WTF!” phrases. Of course the actual F* bomb in each phrase is cleverly censored so there’s no actual cursing. However, the point is loud and clear.

When you need it, just press the button and get one of the follow WTF’s:

  • Rap-beat style “WTF”
  • Wild western “WTF”
  • Piano ballad “WTF”
  • Clown style “WTF”
  • B-movie style “WTF”
  • Several others

This Button may express your WTF moment best without you losing your cool. However, you may actually lose your cool when you’re laughing uncontrollably at the horrified faces in the room.

Want one?  WTF!  Just go to and get it!  Sheesh…