Zombie Mall Experience

Everyone loves a good zombie movie.  Shaun of the Dead is a favorite around our office, not to mention 28 Days/Weeks Later and Zombieland.  And what is one of the key elements of a great zombie movie?  A shopping mall or grocery store scene.  Now imagine being able to live out one of those shopping mall scenes.  A company in the UK is doing just that.

Using movie-quality special effects and 3 hour video game-style missions, you get to “kill” zombies using Airsoft weapons in an abandoned shopping mall. Hit your target and special effects blood will go flying!

Shopping malls not your thing?  There is a manor house zombie experience available as well.

Cost?  $219 per person (plus all your travel and lodging in the UK).  Totally worth it, we say.  This might be the best father’s day gift EVER (hint hint)