Everyone has lost something.  Your keys, a smart phone, laptop or tablet, a pet, etc.  Most of the time, those items are found and turned in to lost and found.  The problem is you remembering where you lost it – cuz if you remember that, it wouldn’t be lost!

This last week at CES, we saw a product that is looking to combat that problem.  Watch the video – they describe it better than we can!

Between the hard tags, different sized stickers and the iron on tags, it’s easy to find something that works for whatever you want to protect.  FinderCodes come in special packs based on your requirements, like:

  • Electronics Kit
  • Travel Kit
  • Pet Owner Kit
  • Home Kit
  • School Stuff Kit
  • Kid Stuff Kit
  • Baby Things Kid

We have tried them, and we love them.   Get yours at Office Depot, AT&T or online at