High Roller Adult Big Wheel

Adult Big Wheel

Ah – the good old days.  The days when you left the house when Looney Tunes finished and came home when the street lights flickered on.  If you are looking to relive a bit of those glory days, then you need this – an adult size big wheel.

Sold as a drift trike, the High Roller trike features everything you need to survive as an adult (and look stylish doing it), including:

  • Custom metal flake glossy paint
  • Molded 14 inch Plastic Rear Wheels for Power Slides and Drifting!
  • Pneumatic 26 inch front wheel
  • Freewheel Hub for high speed coasting
  • Alloy Rims
  • Super Wide front tire for super traction
  • Alloy V-Brake and levers
  • Plush, Fully Adjustable seat
  • Bell and Tassels, because who doesn’t love tassels

Recommended age for the bike is 18+.  Seat is adjustable for riders from 5’2″ to 6’6″, and the rider weight can cap out at 275 lbs, so feel free to ride it to your favorite doughnut shop.

Want one?  Be ready to part with $599 of your hard earned bucks.  But hey – what is recapturing your youth worth these days?