iTwin Connect

iTwin Connect

Computer security is more important than it has ever been.  However, when you are traveling, you are at the mercy of the hotel/coffee shop/open neighbor’s network.  The iTwin (yes, it has a small i, but we won’t hold that against it), is a easy to use solution that puts the security aspect back on you.

Plug one end into your computer at home, plug the other end into your laptop or work computer, and boom – you have a secure connection through your home PC.  Protect your browsing history from prying eyes.

One feature that will really tick off network admins is the access to blocked or geo-restricted sites.  Even if your company blocks Facebook, with this device, you can still check on the updates from your ex 84 times a day, or whatever YOU use Facebook for (don’t judge…)

Features of the iTwin:

  • Access blocked or geo-restricted sites and services from anywhere.
  • Instantly setup your own personal VPN for full bi-directional network access.
  • Browse privately and securely from untrusted networks.
  • Rest easy with hardware-grade security and two-factor authentication.
  • Enjoy unlimited usage with one time cost. No monthly subscription fees!

So protect yourself online while you travel – just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you surfing for a Russian bride.