Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

I don’t care who you are – everyone wants a hovercraft.  One vehicle that can go on land, water, snow, sand – whatever – all we can say is YES PLEASE!  Mercier Jones has come up with what might be the coolest version we have ever seen.  With styling ques from some of our favorite cars – Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8 and the Maserati GTS – it looks as good as it runs.

One of the biggest problems with other hovercrafts has been the tricky control systems.  The Mercer-Jones, however, uses a patent-pending computerized directional control system, allowing you to drive it like a sports car.  Forward, lateral and reverse movement are all possible. Performance is high as well, with the craft being made mainly of carbon fiber and metal alloys.

Your “green” buddies will be impressed by it too.  The single gasoline engine is used to generate electricity for the three independent electric motors of the drive system. The motors enable fine-tuned control over lift and thrust, while the gasoline engine is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency. A battery pack is used to hold reserve power that can be applied to the motors for quick boosts in performance.  So yep – it’s a hybrid!


  • Payload: 500 lbs
  • Hover Height: 8″
  • Cruise Speed: 35 mph
  • Max Speed: 80 mph
  • Acceleration: 0-50 mph in 10 seconds
  • Range: 150 miles

How much will it cost?  Dunno.  When will it come out? Soon.  Do we want it?  Duh.