Gone are the day of the little yellow sticky notes.  Welcome to the age of the little white digital sticky note.

The SeeNote is a compact, front lit ePaper reader that gives you pretty much any information you want.  It is app controlled, so you can view live traffic information, gain access to a bunch of smart-home features, and even – you know – leave notes on it.

Check out the video describing it

At just 3.5″ square, it’s about the same size as the old yellow sticky note.  However, this one gives you a 4.1″, 300 dpi touch screen that can be viewed even in full sunlight.  Connect it to your WiFi network and view whatever you stream to it.  It can even control any connected devices through Wink and IFTTT.

To alert you to a new note, the color LED band around the edge lights up to let you know you have one waiting.  One of our favorite parts?  The open API that the developer says can be used for almost anything – such as one touch pizza ordering!  WE’RE IN!

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