About Us

So, you want to know a little about us, eh?  Fine.

GadgetFeast.com is the result of a dare gone wrong.  Someone dared us to spend hours a day surfing the internet – so we did.  We found that we liked looking at girls carbon fiber and cool gadgets, so we started to blog about them.  Next thing you know, we have a domain name and Facebook fans.

Why GadgetFeast.com?  All the other good domain names were taken, and dudeimsogoingtobuythisonceifigureouthowtomakeabuttloadofmoney.com is just ridiculous.

Who is the GadgetFeast team?  Mainly trolls connecting from under their bridge via open Wi-Fi at neighboring houses.  There are a couple of people actually running the show though:


A technology geek, music connoisseur, food lover, and most recently, a farmer.  As the original founder of GadgetFeast, Harlyn enjoys playing with as many gadgets as he can get his hands on.  Hobbies include bobbing for alligators, making Pad-Thai with an Easy Bake Oven, and stealing candy from babies.

You can contact him (if you dare) at harlyn@gadgetfeast.com


He enjoys long walks across the kitchen, spell-check, and gadgets that make life more fun, easy, or just funnier.  Bonus points if said gadgets are carbon fiber, Titanium, or can heat a room with their sheer power draw.  As the resident FNG, Brian is also the butt of many jokes around the office.

You can’t contact him at brian@gadgetfeast.com