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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!  Nerd cred alert!  Now you can have a fully functional wireless Star Trek communicator of your own.  Just pair it to your Bluetooth enabled phone and geek out!  I bet you could even get away with talking on one of these while driving (probably not, so don’t try it).

From the masters over at ThinkGeek, this the an actual flip phone you will want.

Product Specifications  

  • First fully-functional wireless Star Trek communicator
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Pairs with Bluetooth®-enabled phones
  • Authentic flip-to-answer action
  • Designed using structured-light 3D scans taken of the alpha hero prop
  • Includes 20 authentic sound effects and crew voice clips from the Star Trek universe
  • Wireless Range: 32 ft.
  • Driver: 36mm speaker
  • Speaker allows for hands-free calls or playing music
  • High-quality MEMS microphone
  • Does not have to be paired to use as a prop that chirps and plays sound clips
  • Materials: Combination of pressed metal, die-cast metal, machined aluminum, and textured ABS with die-cast zinc stand
  • Batteries: Built-in lithium polymer (normal use, lasts days on a single charge)
  • Charges in 4 hours using included micro-USB cable
  • Illuminated magnetic stand supports contactless charging, reads “U.S.S. Enterprise Standard Issue Communicator”
  • Dimensions: 4″ tall (closed) or 7″ tall (open) x 2 3/4″ wide x 1 1/2″ thick
  • Weight: 5 oz.
  • Includes communicator, stand, case, leatherette carrying pouch, and micro-USB to USB charging cable

You know you want it. Who doesn’t? Get it at

Olio Skin Care Mon, 29 Aug 2016 05:23:28 +0000 olio

Hey – do you have skin, or a beard, or maybe you shave?  Maybe you have one of those newfangled tattoos?  The Olio has the product for you!

The fine folk at Olio were nice enough to send us some of their beard oil, and let me tell you – it’s awesome!  I opted for the citrus, and it rocks.  No more beard itch – no more beard flakes – just smooth goatee action.

All of the Olio Skin Care products are natural, and derived from sustainable plants.  So it’s good for your skin AND the environment.

Check out all their products on their website –

TERRA! Growing Furniture Mon, 29 Aug 2016 05:08:22 +0000 terrachair

Okay – these are just cool. TERRA! is a kit of biodegradable cardboard frames that make living yard furniture. They provide the frame, you provide the dirt, seeds and water.

Check it out!

Available at a chair, love seat, sofa for three, or just a nature pillow on the ground. We imagine these around a fire pit.

On Kickstarter with their goal met.

Nura Headphones Fri, 20 May 2016 05:53:42 +0000 We have heard about all sorts of things you can have customized for you, but this is the first personalized headphones that use unique soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing—from the outer ear all the way to the brain in just 30 seconds—and adapt the music perfectly to suit you.

Personalized sound – just for you.  Now that’s just awesome!

To get in on the Kickstarter, just click here.

Nura Heaphones

SeeNote Mon, 16 May 2016 02:29:58 +0000 Gone are the day of the little yellow sticky notes.  Welcome to the age of the little white digital sticky note.

The SeeNote is a compact, front lit ePaper reader that gives you pretty much any information you want.  It is app controlled, so you can view live traffic information, gain access to a bunch of smart-home features, and even – you know – leave notes on it.

Check out the video describing it

At just 3.5″ square, it’s about the same size as the old yellow sticky note.  However, this one gives you a 4.1″, 300 dpi touch screen that can be viewed even in full sunlight.  Connect it to your WiFi network and view whatever you stream to it.  It can even control any connected devices through Wink and IFTTT.

To alert you to a new note, the color LED band around the edge lights up to let you know you have one waiting.  One of our favorite parts?  The open API that the developer says can be used for almost anything – such as one touch pizza ordering!  WE’RE IN!

Order it today at


Star Wars Geeki Tikis Mon, 16 May 2016 01:31:59 +0000 A long time ago (or at 5 o’clock somewhere) in a Galaxy far, far away (we prefer a backyard BBQ over the Mos Eisley cantina), you can enjoy your summer drinks in nerdy style!

These officially licensed ceramic mugs are tiki versions of your favorite Star Wars characters.  Each mug holds about 14 oz of whatever you desire – a daiquiri, margarita or even some Corellian brandy.  Available separately or as a collection, they feature Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2, a Stormtrooper, or Yoda.

Available late this summer from one of our favorite sites, ThinkGeek, for about 15 bucks each, or $73 for the whole set.

May the booze be with you!

Click here to get ’em!

Star Wars Geeki Tikis


Snaprays Guidelights Mon, 01 Sep 2014 05:54:57 +0000 Snaprays2

Don’t you hate it when you see something so cool, you can’t believe no one has thought of it before? The Snaprays Guidelights did that for me. If you haven’t seen these yet, they are a nightlight that doesn’t take up precious outlet space. They just replace the faceplate of the existing outlet, and poof – nightlight! The “so simple that it’s complicated” secret is spring clips that get power from the side screws of the power outlet. A successful Kickstart has since seen them move to their own website: Cost is much lower than getting an electrician to wire in more outlets because you filled yours with USB chargers and nightlights.

It’s so easy to install, a blogger could do it. Trust me, I’m living proof!

Invisible Man Kit Fri, 20 Sep 2013 05:18:21 +0000 Invisible Man Kit

We love these guys!  Last year we posted the Zombie Survival Kit  – an all in one, $24,000, everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse.  So guess what?  They’ve done it again!  This time it is an Invisible Man kit, with a TON of uses.  Just watch this video.

All joking aside, this is a very impressive kit of top of the line gear to make you invisible.  The Invisible Man kit includes:

  • Visual Stealth Camouflage
    • OPMOD Ghillie Suit Woodland Camo
    • OPMOD Ghillie Suit Snow Camo
    • Final Approach Eliminator Express Blind
    • NcStar Tactical Vest/Digital Camo
    • Propper Gen II ECWCS Parka Universal
    • Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD with Kevlar
    • BlackHawk Balaclav Olive Drab
    • Ray-Ban RB 4034 Sunglasses Styles
    • Undertech Undercover Men’s Concealment Shorts
  • Scent Cloaks
    • Do-All Outdoors Port-A-P Portable Hunting Urinal
    • Cass Creek Skunk Cover Scent CC H SK
    • Cass Creek Cougar/Mountain Lion Urine Scent CC H CM
    • Cass Creek Whitetail Interdigital Gland Scent CC H IG
    • Cass Creek Hog Boar Urine Scent CC H HB
    • Cass Creek Scent Kil Unscented Bar Soap CC H BAR
  • Sound Camouflage
    • Pro Ears Pro Hear IV Behind the Ear Digital Sound Amplifier,Right Black PH-4-BTE-RB
  • Weapon Accessories
    • Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 4.5-14x50mm (30mm) M5 Matte Front Focal Mil Dot Rifle Scope
    • Leupold Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device – 50mm
    • ATN PVS7-3P Gen 3 Night Vision Goggles, 64-72 lp/mm Resolution, ITT Pinnacle Tube NVGOPVS73P
    • ATN Odin Thermal Imager – 32C 320×240, 35mm, 30Hz, 17 micon TIMPOD32C
    • OPMOD GEN3MM 2.0 Limited Edition PVS-14 Night Vision Scope – 64 lp/mm Res GNVPVS14-OPMOD
    • Streamlight TLR-1 Game Spotter Weapon Light with Remote 69228
    • Laser Genetics ND3X40 Laser Designator 40mm w/ Scope Mount LG-ND3X40
    • Burris FastFire III Red Dot Reflex Sight – 3 MOA Dot, w/ Picatinny Mount 300234
  • Hunting Accessories
    • Nikon 8x20mm Premier LX Waterproof Compact Binoculars 7506
    • Carl Zeiss Victory 8 x 26 PRF Rangefinder – Ballistic Information System – BIS – 524561
    • 511 Tactical Field Ops Watch Black 59245-019
    • Vanguard Endeavor HD 65A Spotting Scope – Angled, Black Endeavor HD 65A
    • Bushnell Trophy Cam X-8 Night Vision Trail Camera, Clam Pack 119327C
    • Cass Creek Waggler Predator Decoy System CC 423
    • Bulldog Extreme RealTree Camo w/ Brown Trim 48in Rifle Case BD244
    • Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel, 16.25in Max Length – Box Package 22-41578
  • Knives
    • Browning 437 Hard Core Hunter Black Combo Knife Set 322437
  • Cases & Backpacks
    • OPMOD TAC PACK 2.0 Limited Edition Backpack – ACU TBPCAMO-2
    • EOTech HYDRAPAK Domestic Hydration Backpack EOTHYD10-01
  • Home Invisibility
    • Barska Book Safe with Combination Lock, Brown CB11990

What’s that you ask? How much will all this tech cost you?  Why just a cool $20,000.  But wait – there’s more!  If you want, you can buy the $20,009 kit which includes a hat.  I mean, come on – if you are going to drop 20 large, are you REALLY going to miss that extra nine bucks?  What is that – one grande crapa whatever at your local iPad connection hub coffee hangout?

So if you want to be invisible from your next hunting prey, your ex-girlfriend, or hell – even your kids for an hour of peace – get your kit today at

You’re welcome.


iDoorCam Fri, 30 Aug 2013 04:47:52 +0000 iDoorCam

While we do generally avoid products with a lower-case ‘i’ as the first letter, we’re willing to make an exception for the unfortunately-named iDoorCam. Why the change of heart? Because awesome. How awesome? Well, there is a “Sorry we missed you” note from FedEx on the office door right now. Had we already received our pre-ordered iDoorCam, in that instant between ringing the doorbell and running away, our delivery person would have heard us begging to just wait a moment for us to ascent from the GadgetCave and get to the door. You see, the iDoorCam is indeed a doorbell. And a webcam, with 2-way audio. How awesome is that?! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! It’s not just a webcam with audio/doorbell for your home, because through the magic that is “The Cloud”, all those features follow you wherever your smartphone may go. Want to see who’s at the door when your kids are home, but you’re not? Yup, there’s an app for that, as long as you have an iDoorCam. Want to turn on the webcam, and yell at the neighbor kids to get off your lawn, even when you’re several states away? Again, there’s an app for that, but it all depends on the iDoorCam.

They are available for a limited, pre-order discount over on

LG G2 Smartphone Fri, 09 Aug 2013 03:12:49 +0000 LG G2

Are you feeling so fly, like a G2?  After seeing this new smartphone, we sure are.

Unlike most new smartphones, which are just faster this, bigger that, blah blah blah, this one has actually made a few ergonomic changes that just make sense.  Buttons are now on the back of the device, where your fingers normally are when you hold it.  The screen is now the largest of any smartphone in it’s class – a bright and massive 5.2-inch full HD.  The 13 megapixel rear-facing camera has a slick sliding button to protect it as well as activate the camera with one flip.

Power comes from a 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of DDR3 memory, meaning this is more powerful than the laptop you got 3 years ago.  The software features are pretty slick too, with a pared-down guest mode, a programmable remote that can operate devices in your house, and a phone that automatically answers when you put it up to your ear.

Price and release date are TBD, but this is definitely a shot across the bow of other manufacturers.